Sunday, March 6, 2016

5 Easy Steps to Market Yourself As a Speaker

Launching a career as a speaker doesn't just stop with an announcement and a website. Unless you're represented by a professional PR agency you're going to be your own marketing person, as well as your own booking agent.

If you're just getting started, or even a seasoned veteran, here are some useful tips for marketing yourself as a public speaker:

1. Join an Organization

By joining speaking organizations you will almost instantly become available to a network of like-minded individuals - get out there, start introducing yourself and make yourself known. For reference, the largest and most widely known speaking organization internationally is the National Speaker's Association (NSA).

The NSA has branches throughout the country as well as overseas. Advantages of being a member include having the opportunity to take classes, workshops, and hear (and learn from) top speakers.

2. Take Advantage of the Free

When you're getting started, there are inevitable hurdles and costs associated with looking for places to speak. Taking advantage of the local library - as well as online sources, coffee houses, universities, conferences, meet-up's, etc - enables access to excellent resources where you can find places you'll be paid, or at least have the opportunity to speak, gain confidence, exposure, and experience.

Resources found publicly both online and in-person offer access to expensive directories.

3. Incorporate Past Work into New Work

Build upon the fact you're a speaker every chance you get. Don't name drop, know your audience so as not to offend or turn any potential clients off, but make your name know as a speaker.

4. Make a List

People love lists (hint: you're reading one now). Creating a "Tip Sheet" or other list of useful facts or valuable information that your target audience will find of "keeper" value. Make sure your list includes all pertinent contact information so any interested parties can get in contact with you.

5. Develop Your Own Content & Publish It Yourself

Writing your own content and publishing it to your own content may not be as glamorous as seeing your by-line in a major publication or booking a speaking deal in front of thousands of people, however, it does put your name out there and starts to build credibility. Don't forget to include your "tag" (the fact you're a motivational speaker) at the end of the byline.